Note-worthy Language: Combining music and language learning to enhance student proficiency

Use authentic music as a window to culture, language, and creativity in your classes with the "Noteworthy Language" curriculum guide and workshop materials available on this site.

    • Curriculum Guide for incorporating music into world language and English Language Development classes.
    • Includes ideas for:
      • how to use authentic music to practice taught vocabulary and structures;
      • use authentic music to encourage student creativity in their new language and
      • use authentic music to provide a window to cultures that speak the language.
    • Grand Prize winner in the 2010 Jane Ortner Educating Through Music Awards

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Tutorial Videos
  • How to make "Strip books" (books of strips of paper that get longer on each page)
  • How to make "Secret books" (books with two "secret" compartments where students can write information that is not immediately visible).

Workshop materials
This curriculum guide will be presented at the 2011 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Convention and Expo in Denver, CO and the 2012 California Language Teachers' Association Conference in Los Angeles. New activities not included in the curriculum guide are included in the workshop. I hope to see you there!

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